Keena’s speaker sessions are all about empowering attendees to achieve their dreams. Through her talks, she drives home the importance of taking massive action, being determined, being disciplined, embracing the process, and being accountable. 

She has seen firsthand the transformative power that these concepts can have in people's lives, and she is passionate about helping her clients achieve success.

Topic #1

Thriving After Divorce 7.0: 7 Secrets to Winning

Description: Receive the insider secrets on how to get back on your feet and discover the great benefits of being single after a broken relationship.

Topic #2

Tomorrow’s Empowered Divorced Woman: The 5 Major Shifts

Description: Deep dive on how you can adjust to the shifts after a broken relationship to transform you and your mindset to live your best life.

Topic #3

Divorce Is Not Death: The Dilemma with the Living 

Description: Receive the insider secrets on how divorce can open up new doors and give you a fresh start on everything.

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Eykiena “Keena” Crowley is the Founder and CEO of My Thriving Life Academy, a company that empowers the masses to not just thrive but to live in bliss! Keena is a Divorce Recovery Coach and Influencer. This Combat Army Veteran now uses her experience and training to lead thousands to their greatness by using their inner gifts to elevate to their pinnacle in life. 


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